Lyric Legend, Brunette

Lyric Legend
1.66m (5.45f) -1.70m (5.58f)
125 lb
  • English
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  • Couple
  • 2+
  • All natural
  • Fetish
  • Gfe
  • International
  • Porn Star
  • Submissive
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Short Description
Hello, I'm honored you took the time to stopby my page. I am Willow West, A mature Lady looking for generous Gentlemen who will appreciate the finer things in life and in a beautiful ladies company. 
I am interested in well groomed Gentleman who honor discretion, appreciate a lady of class and beauty !
I’m a mature companion in my mid 40’s. I offer a unique experience for the gentleman who is looking for something a bit more…

When you think of the best part of going on a date, having an adventure, traveling, or just relaxing in a secluded hideaway, it’s the company you’re with. You want a companion that can keep your attention without being a distraction, enlighten you with multi-faceted conversation, and be in tune with your mental, emotional and physical cues. I pride myself on being a dynamic woman, with the versatility to fit perfectly in almost any situation.

I’m an all-natural beauty with distinctive curves, unblemished skin, brunette hair, and a smile that can brighten your day. That allows me to tease you in a swim suit on a beach, or stun you with a cocktail dress and heels at dinner; while still being able to put on sneakers, shorts and comfortable top to go zip lining or take a long walk through the foothills.

At the same time, my caring nature will make you comfortable in any and all settings. I am patient and encouraging, which empower you to feel at ease in my presence; because I genuinely want our time together to be real. There will be a seamless connection with me, almost as if we’ve know each other forever. I know how to make the first time seem like the hundredth and the hundredth to feel like the first.

Conversations can be awkward when you don’t know someone, and knowing where to start can be difficult. I enjoy discussions on all topics, and can interact with any type of conversationalist. I can be an attentive listener if you enjoy sharing, the discussion lead for those who are slightly shy, or an equal partner if you like listening as much as speaking. Being college educated and having a life-long love for learning, makes conversing with an intelligent and experienced person exciting. Whether it’s a deep conversation about life, a debate on a controversial topic or just sharing tidbits of information from personal experiences, I’m up for the challenge.

No matter where we find ourselves, you can rest assure I’ll meet and exceed your expectations. Our time together is as important to me as it is to you, so your satisfaction is paramount. Whether we’re eating at a quaint restaurant or walking through the mall, our time together will seem like we belong together; because that’s how I want us to feel.
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