Escort 809

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Escort 809
Santo Domingo
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VIP Escort Agency for the best of tastes in Santo Domingo
Welcome to Escort 809, we have a variety of models to satisfy the most demanding tastes with high quality of service and escorts. We have the most beatifull escorts over one of the world’s most beautiful places Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic. Just tell us what you want and we will find a way to please you. We will make your trip as easy as possible for you to organize the kind of holiday you want. In preference to meet one of our gorgeous models for 2 hours or 3 weeks may be simply one of our girls or even 10 you want, we will arrange this for you.
We can meet you at the airport and have someone with you from the moment you land until the moment of takeoff. We are happy to do this.
You will receive close attention if she is with you. If you prefer a more intimate and private moment, the model may have to be of your choice.
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